Apple must ‘need an alibi’


So Bloomberg View has a new fantasist in town, one Leonid Bershidsky. And he thinks Apple’s running out of excuses to explain why everyone in the world who uses a smartphone uses an Apple even though there’s a lot more Android’s sold, or something.

And he’s ridiculous.

Let’s go through some of his claims:

“The day is coming when Apple will either need more aggressive pricing, or a qualitative jump echoing the one that first made it a leader in mobile.”

Response: remember the iPod? Apple reduced its price over time, but never reduced the product’s intrinsic value — new form factors and features kept it lively until it was logically replaced by the iPhone. In the case of the iPhone it is pretty clear Apple will aim to always occupy the high ground in the smartphone industry with the main device. It also seems clear to this fantasist that it will begin to dent the rest of the industry with new form factors the industry also cannot match.

In other words, Apple’s already got you covered.

“I use both iOS and Android, and it’s getting hard to say which provides the better experience.”

Well there’s a thing. Now let’s wait for iOS 8 before spreading claims of imminent death. Oh, and which Android device are you using?

“The problem with excuses, however, is that they get trumped by reality. Those iOS devices aren’t special any more, though they still demand premium prices.”

The stage is set to make them better again. And that time is coming.

Jonny Evans

Watching Apple since 1999. I don't say what they should do. I say what they might do. They sometimes do.

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