How to stop distracting Screenshot previews in macOS Mojave

A screenshot preview

Screenshot Previews can be a little distracting.

If you become annoyed/distracted by macOS 10.14 Mojave’s insistence on placing a little Screenshot Preview on your screen every time you capture a new shot, then you’ll need this tip.

How to stop annoying Screenshot previews

Mojave’s new image capture shortcut is Command-Shift-5. When you tap you invoke a shortcut in which you can choose the type of image you want to take (including capturing video of what happens on-screen), access options for save destinations and more

  • Type Command-Shift-5 now.
  • In the window that appears at the bottom of the screen, tap Options
  • At the bottom of the drop-down list that appears, make sure to switch off the Show Floating Thumbnail item.

In future you won’t be harassed by Screenshot Previews demanding your attention, until you enable this behaviour once again. You’re welcome.

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