You really don’t want to break your iPhone XR

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Apple’s iPhone XR ships later this week and to celebrate the moment Apple has published the repair prices for the device. There’s good news and less good news in this.

The good news about iPhone XR repairs

The good news about iPhone XR repairs is that you can get them fixed for less than it will cost you to repair an iPhone XS or XS Max – but you’re still going to want to take out AppleCare+ insurance and pop them inside a case to avoid any unfortunate accidents.

The less good news

If you break the screen on your XR you’ll need to pay $199. If you do any other kind of damage to the device you’ll be charged $399 (the same as it cost for similar damage to an iPhone 8 Plus).

Apple iPhone repair costs

Apple’s repair prices in list form

It’s a lot cheaper with AppleCare+. Screen repair will then cost $29 while other damage costs $99 to fix – the only snag is that AppleCare protection costs from $149 ($7.99/month) for 24-months protection, or $249 with theft and loss protection.

Battery replacement shouldn’t be required but if it is it will cost nothing under warranty of with AppleCare+, increasing to $69 once the warranty expires. All these costs are also subject to tax. Apple will charge you $6.95 to ship your device back to you.

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