Video: Steve Jobs talks iPhone with ABC in 2007

ABC let this slip this morning — I’ve embedded it above, and if you think they need your click you will find them here.

Introducing the segment, ABC’s news anchor said: “For all the oohs and aahs you’d think Steve Jobs had reinvented the wheel.”

I’d argue that in some ways the impact of Apple’s mobile device may not have been quite as radical as the wheel, or fire, but continues to transform everything it touches. It has changed how we work, rest and play.

I quite like Steve’s modesty, when he says “We just try to make products people will like”.

Naturally, when Apple launched the device it came in for lots of criticism from its competitors. Palm. Steve Ballmer. Remember them?

I still have my first iPhone — it’s just so unfortunate that I dropped my first iPad on it (really):

Smashed iPhone

My poor smashed original iPhone from back in the day

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