Read the 5 most popular Tweets from Apple’s iPad Pro, Mac event

The whole world was watching the Apple event in New York this week, generating over 1.2 million social media mentions while Tim Cook and other executives strolled across the stage.

Who got the most attention?

The event took place in New York. Social media analytics firm Talkwalkerhas provided a list of the top 5 most shared Tweets to emerge as a result of Apple’s big event, where it introduced new MacBook Airs, iPad Pros, Mac mini and an Apple Pencil.

We’ve popped what Talkwalker identified as the five most popular Tweets from individuals below, along with some other interesting insights into how the world reacted to the event: 

The event attracted plenty of attention – there were over1.2 million social media mentions while the event took place. The event hashtag (#AppleEvent) earned 416,500 mentions alone.

The iPad Pro received the most mentions (171,500 mentions) out of the new product announcements, followed by the MacBook Air (82,500) and the Mac Mini (60,300)

Attention seems to have been grabbed by the iPad Pro, at least if you judge interest by the number of social media interactions that took place (likes, retweets, shares and comments).

There were a total of 1.5 million such interactions, just over 700,000 of which related to the products Apple announced:

  • iPad Pro: 405,000
  • MacBook Air: 203,900
  • Mac Mini: 109,900.

It is very interesting that discussions on social around this topic were dominated by women (68%), as opposed to men (32%), according to Talkwalker.

While we’d expect the U.S. to be all over the event (it was) it is interesting that there was more interest in Thailand and France than there was in deeply divided U.K.

The top 5 countries discussing the topic were:

  1. United States
  2. Japan
  3. Thailand
  1. France
  2. United Kingdom

And the top five hashtags this time around were (in order): #AppleEvent, #Apple, #iPadPro, #MacBookAir, #iPad.

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