How to save PDF files on an iPhone

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It’s easy when you know how

This tip also works for iPads. When you open a document, open an email or visit a website you may sometimes want to save that item as a PDF, but how do you do this on an iPhone?

Just print it

The bottom line is this: “If you can print it, you can save it.”

  • Whatever you want to make a PDF out of, tap the Share menu
  • Select Print
  • The Printer Options page appears. Stop at this point – do not tap Print
  • Look down the page to the preview image underneath the print instructions
  • Take two fingers, tap the image and swipe out
  • That preview image will fill the page
  • Now tap the new Share icon you see top right above the new image and then choose Save to Files.
  • Whatever it is you wanted to save will be saved as a PDF.
  • You can then share it, work with it, or otherwise use it as you please.

And that’s how to save almost anything to a PDF on an iPhone.

Naturally, this also works when you open a PDF file on your device – print it to save it as a PDF wherever you like.


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