I bet you didn’t know this superfast way to lock your Mac

Jonny Evans

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  1. R Applebaum says:

    You can do a one-time setup in the System Preferences–>Desktop & Screen Saver–>Hot Corners…
    Just select a corner and select Start Screen Saver.

    Anytime you want to lock your Mac:
    1. Drag the cursor to the hot corner
    2. There is no step 2

    • Jonny Evans says:

      Yes, that works, too — I just find hot corners get on my nerves a bit as I’ve usually got all sorts of different things on screen, so this is a good alternative 🙂

      • Rick Montgomery says:

        It also doesn’t lock immediately. I have never measured the delay, but I know there is a period during which you can just wiggle the mouse and it will exit the screen saver withoug requiring a password.

        • Jonny Evans says:

          It is just a second or so though! (I just tried to test it and my apple watch unlocked it! So I just thought I’d say that LOL)

  2. geo says:

    My menu bar is already too crowded with various icons. Swiping the cursor to the upper-right screen corner is very fast.

    • Jonny Evans says:

      It works for some, but here’s another way for those who like it (personally, I prefer it — but that’s the great thing about macOS, choices 🙂

  3. Sjakelien Vleeschbaardt says:

    I tried this, but when I select “Lock Screen”, my screen goes black. So far so good, but when I move my mouse or hit a key, I return to the screen, without having to enter a password. So, I wonder, how ‘lock’ it is.

  4. Jonny Evans says:

    Have you set your Mac up to need a password when you wake it from sleep? Security & privacy > General, make sure you have require password ticked and the duration correct.

  5. Peter Adams says:

    P.S. Command+Control+Q

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