How to use Smart Annotation on iPad

Jonny Evans

Watching Apple since 1999. I don't say what they should do. I say what they might do. They sometimes do.

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  1. Will says:

    I have had a critical problem with this feature as soon as I touch the screen on pages it reverts to the smart annotate feature which I had previously turned off. Not so SMART annotate has left me binning the pencil. Now I have fought with apple for over a week three days of which they stonewalled me.

    I am being told the engineers cannot replicate the problem, they have insufficient complaints or instances to make it even an issue for them, and their only suggestion was to revert to back up. I cannot as the last saved one is post update since they took so long to even make this basic suggestion.

    However it have been a learning process in the last week I have learnt that

    1. Apple care nothing for individual customers.

    2. They do not have a proper complaints procedure.

    3. They rely on the small print to shift any liability onto the consumer.

    4. No one in their apple care department had the initiative to try their own iPad Pro and pencil to see if it was a problem there.

    5. When urged to do so the last apple care manager informed me he didn’t even own and no one else in the centre would own a pencil or iPad Pro – clearly having seen the poor performance they have decided PC and Microsoft I’d the way forward.

    6. They will not fix or replace faulty software

    7. Despite the millions they make daily Apple uses its own customers as Guinea Pigs to test software – this Beta test was the only one they were foolish enough to call by its own name.

    8. Each years millions of pounds/dollars are lost by apple customers who lose time and money due to software glitches and mistakes that are not fully tested before release.

    9. Apple Care should be renamed Apple Couldn’t Care Less and refused to either fix the problem as not enough people had complained, refused to restore a working version of pages, refused to compensate me.

    10. The arrogance of their staff was only matched by their ignorance of any issue they did not have scripted in front of them.

    I however wish to act not speak, so for those with more technical knowledge than me is there anyway that I can restore an old pre-update version of pages. My oldest backup is after the update and I am not a user of ITunes and would not have connected the iPad Pro to the computer.

    Is the only practical solution to invest in a different stylus and ditch the pencil since my finger works fine? Has anyone tried a different Apple Pencil ?

    Finally for the more tech minded what another forums are there or websites / publications where I can put these views across and expose the shoddy practices of Rotten Apple?

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