How to reset a forgotten Notes password on iOS and Mac

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Back when Apple first introduced password-protection for Notes I used the feature, and promptly forgot the password. There wasn’t much information in those notes, but I was a little infuriated.

Here’s what I had to do:

How to reset a forgotten Notes password

Apple’s Notes app is packed with useful talents and the company improves it every year. I find it an invaluable guide when in meetings, though I do tend to use My Script Nebo in order to handwrite notes using an Apple Pencil.

When working in Notes you may want to password protect a specific note, perhaps because it contains payment information or PIN numbers or other data you really want to keep safe.

To do so, just open the specific Note, tap the Share pane and in the lowest row of menu items choose Lock Note. You’ll be asked to enter a Password (or to re-enter a password if you have used on in the past). Once you do so that will be the password for ALL your locked notes.

Which is pretty troublesome if you then forget your password.

6 steps to take

If you forget your Notes password, follow these steps to reset it:

  • Tap Settings>Notes on your iPhone/iPad
  • Now in the Notes Settings, choose Password, don’t tap Change Password on the next page as this only lets you change your password if you can remember your password in the first place. Look below that option where you should…
  • Tap Reset Password,
  • Now you will be required to enter your Apple ID password and tap OK. Once you confirm who you are only then will you will be given the chance to choose a new password.
  • Choose your new password, only this time also add a password hint that actually reminds you of the password. (Like I didn’t).
  • Tap Done and you will be able to access those password-protected notes again. Hurray!

You can also reset the Notes password on your Mac

Notes works across Macs and iOS devices, so you can also reset the password you use with Notes on your Mac.

  • Open Notes and choose Notes Preferences from the application menu
  • The tap Reset Password (you’ll see it at bottom right of the Notes Preferences window.
  • Enter your Apple ID, add a new password and tap Set Password.

I have this nagging feeling this little tip is going to be quite useful for people.

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