Don’t buy the ‘disappointing iPhone 8 sales’ hype, it’s not true

Apple looks well set

Don’t believe the anti’s — they aren’t reflecting reality

There are a few analysts claiming Apple’s next iPhone will be late, as if that’s a problem (it isn’t). There are others who seem to think iPhone sales may disappoint. I got news for them, too – they won’t.

Facts and FUD

Over the years I’ve read news reports that circulate across multiple reputable titles that are in fact based on small survey groups. So, I ran my own poll the other day.

The poll ran here on this website in two stories likely to be of interest to Apple users, specifically iPhone users. To my mind, that means the results can be seen as a relatively good barometer for how the company’s biggest fans feel about buying a new iPhone.

I asked: “Will you buy a new iPhone this season?”

I received 173 votes, and 144 of them (83.4%) said “Yes”. 24 voters (13.9%) said “No”, and just 5 votes said “Other”, but declined to say what that meant to them.

I think these numbers help show that Apple’s first adopter crowd are ready to put their hands on a new device. Given the nature of that audience, I’d suggest that it already has a good audience for the allegedly premium iPhone 8. I’ve kept the poll open, so more people can participate.

Of course, one little poll on my tiny little website (sponsors welcome) can’t be seen as strong evidence, though it is a good illustration.

Strength in numbers

So I looked at a few other polls, and they all seem to show the same momentum:

  • UK daily newspaper, the Daily Mirror asked: “Are you going to buy a new iPhone this year?” 61 percent of its voters say “Yes”.
  • Macsurfer between July 24-25, 2017 asked: “Do you plan on buying one of the new iPhone models this Fall?” Data disclosed to me by the site revealed around 60 percent of their voting readers plan to buy one of the new models.
  • 9to5 Mac asked: “Will you still buy the iPhone 8 if it’s only available in black?” Over 80 percent of their 12,084 votes will (though there is some discussion over matte or gloss black).
  • iPhone hacks asked: “Will You Wait for the iPhone 8 If Its Launch Is Delayed?” Sixty-two percent of their 283 voters will wait. Another 6 percent will get an iPhone 7s.
  • Biz Journals asked: “Will you be buying an iPhone 8?” 42 percent of their 65 responses will on day one, with another 42 percent waiting to buy when their existing contract ends.
  • A well reported Loup Ventures survey in March found that 23 percent of existing iPhone owners will buy v.8.

I’m keen to include results from other site’s and their polls, just let me know if you want yours included.

What’s my take? You have to say things look promising. Particularly given Apple’s consistent track record for delivering customer satisfaction and the huge interest around ARKit.

While you are here, please take a moment to let us know if you’ll be upgrading to the new device.


Jonny Evans

Watching Apple since 1999. I don't say what they should do. I say what they might do. They sometimes do.

4 Responses

  1. Ronald Quint says:

    I had to say other, due to my my 6S is still working perfectly. If something happens to it, then yes, at that point I will be upgrading. ( I prefer buying the “S” models. )

    • Jonny Evans says:

      Yep, so is mine! But I will have to put the new model through its paces, as it’s likely to be the root for the next few, iyswim.

  2. David Bush says:

    I own an iPhone 7 Plus, So I will pass this year (normally only upgrade ever other year). I normally upgrade on the S years with my wife on the opposite cycle–but she switched to the iPhone SE (because she has tiny hands 🙂 and now will wait until they upgrade that phone)

  3. David Bush says:

    (corrected version)
    I own an iPhone 7 Plus, So I will pass this year (normally only upgrade every other year). I normally upgrade on the plain number years with my wife on the S cycle–but she switched to the iPhone SE (because she has tiny hands 🙂 and now will wait until they upgrade that phone)

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