Apple’s year old iPhone 6s crushes Samsung’s Galaxy 7 in app speed tests

Jonny Evans

Watching Apple since 1999. I don't say what they should do. I say what they might do. They sometimes do.

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  1. ViewRoyal says:

    The real-world speed test videos of the almost one year old iPhone 6S vs. the brand new Galaxy Note 7 should be watched by everyone who focuses on hardware “spec” numbers, and who completely ignore real world “performance”.

    If large specification numbers were all that mattered to someone looking to buy a $100,000 vehicle, faced between the prospects of choosing a Ferrari or a garbage truck, they would choose the garbage truck, because the garbage truck has: a larger, more powerful engine; larger wheels and tires; much larger wheelbase; much more storage capacity; larger gas tank; etc.

    However, if they were more concerned with “performance”, the Ferrari would be the obvious choice.

  2. Jonny Evans says:

    I think that’s a really great way of articulating this. Thanks for the contribution!

    In any case, it’s all so fake — I despair how proponents can remain proponents in light of all the failings of their chosen one

  3. Bladrnr2019 says:

    Kind of like partisan politics. Hillary could be clubbing baby seals on a beach on live TV, and I guarantee people would still vote for her. They would make some excuse, but because she’s “their” candidate, they would still vote for her.

    • Paul Smythe says:

      Blad, sorry to say, but you’ve got the wrong candidate for this caricature! You know that if Hillary did anything like that, she would turn off much of her base greatly. They’re far smarter, better educated, and more skeptical of her already than those on the other side.

      No, it’s Trump who would be out pummeling seal babies, his most devoted fans cheering that at long last people weren’t being politically correct (because, after all, worrying about animal cruelty is only trying to be PC!). Trump has already bragged he could shoot someone on 5th Avenue and his legions would still support him.

      He’s also, like Samsung, running on phony Big Data claims (net worth! ) and loses out where it really matters– treatment of workers, contractors, delivery on a good experience, etc.

      I thought the garbage truck analogy was a good one, too!

    • Ziegmond_Void says:

      Wrong politician. Wasn’t it the Donald who said that he could shoot someone and not lose any votes?

  4. Michael says:

    Most people seem oblivious to the fact that all Android devices have to compete on specs. They run similar versions of Android. They can’t demonstrate minor differences between each of their versions of Android as fragmentation is considered a weakness by most. So hardware specifications is what is left for them. That gives a nice specific number to compare to (though very misleading). Since this is how they market their product then engineering has to support that marketing plan. That means a constant churn of devices for the sole sake of increasing specs for that marketing.

    Apple has their own OS and hardware so their marketing has always been focused on what “the whole system” does rather than any particular part. They have also take a longer strategic view of where they will be going with a product rather than short term view as most.

    Specs are really a silly way to say you have a superior product. Unless you are going to be changing your phone every three months you will spend most of your time behind the spec curve.

    • Jonny Evans says:

      Good input, Michael.
      Or, as I see it, based on this evidence: “Want to be ahead of the specs curve for a year? Get an iPhone.”

  5. ViewRoyal says:

    This afternoon there is an article on Mashable, written by an obvious Android fan, who is basically trying to convince the world (and himself) that: Yeah, so what, a smartphone’s performance and speed launching complex apps isn’t really important anyways. (Yeah, sure! ;-))

    Anyone who owns an expensive high end smartphone knows that performance is VERY important!

    Unless you actually enjoy wasting your time waiting for apps to load on your smartphone, and looking foolish to your friends who ask you why it is taking so long for your apps to load, this video SHOULD be a wake up call to ANYONE… Including to the author of that insipid Mashable article.

    • Jonny Evans says:

      I saw that article ViewRoyal, and I also noted that other than being a little wrong headed the writer was also particularly OTT in the way he expressed himself. It’s silly season and Mashable must of needed some clicks… It’s hard to make money from ads these days I guess 🙁

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