7 iPhone Tips That Make You Look Smart

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There are some incredibly simple iPhone tips that you’ll get so used to using you’ll wonder how you ever got by without them.

Upside Down

In a meeting and don’t want to be interrupted by a stream of notifications or unexpected Siri interruptions? The answer’s simple – turn your iPhone face down and the proximity sensor will stop Siri listening (if you have Hey Siri enabled) and will also keep the screen dark to save a little battery life.


Enabled in Settings>General>Accessibility, Magnifier turns your iPhone into a useful magnifying glass when you tap your Home button thrice.

Quick Pano

Want to switch between different camera modes fast? On a 3D touch enabled iPhone you can select and launch in the camera mode you want by hard pressing the Camera app icon.

Where’s That Pic?

Looking for a picture you took three weeks ago? Just ask Siri to show you pictures you took three weeks ago. Cool.

Douse The Lights

You don’t need to get back to Control Center to switch the flashlight off once you start using it: Just swipe right to left on the lock screen to invoke the Camera. The flashlight will be switched off.

Charge Fast

Want to charge your iPhone in a hurry? Switch it to AirPlane mode. (For even faster results why not charge it with an iPad charger?)

Control Keyboard

Writing an email or any other text on your iPhone and need to edit a specific piece of text? You can spend time trying to tap the screen in just the right place within the copy you want to select, or you can simply hard press the virtual keyboard and it will become a touch sensitive mouse that lets you quickly find what you need.

What are your favourite tips? Please share them with all of us in comments below.


Jonny Evans

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  1. Rich says:

    Control Keyboard is a life changer for me.

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