5 great connected toys to keep your children learning

Robots on patrol!!

Everybody talks about how connected devices can help boost educational attainment and results, and that’s completely correct.

These five toys are great fun for children and adults, and all of them help those using them learn new skills at the same time — not only this, but they teach the kind of valuable engineering skills the future workplace needs.

Take a look:

Play Impossible Gameball

This is a connected ball for connected games.

Play Impossible Gameball connects to your iOS device, measures what it is doing and offers a bunch of connected games you can play that sync to your iPhone or iPad (or Android device). Price, $125

Sphero Bolt

Sphero BOLT is a brilliant app-enabled robotic ball that you can get creative with – not only can you drive it using an app that runs on your iPhone, but you can create code to make it do things and show messages on its programmable 8-x-8 LED matrix screen. Programmable sensors including Infrared, Compass, Light Sensor, Gyroscope, Accelerometer, and Motor Encoders. Price, $129

Sphero Mini

Because everybody wants an app-controlled robotic ping-pong ball, right? This fun gadget can be controlled using an app on your iPhone and coms with three fun app-enabled games you can play.You can also program the ball using the Sphero Edu app. $44.50.

Makeblock Starter Robot Kit

This infernal machine looks like a fantastic tool to learn STEM skills, and it’s great fun, too. You can build a robot tank or a three-wheeled robot car with the kit, and program it from your Mac. $89

Marbotic Smart Learning

Marbotic’s Smart Learning kit is a great connected tool to boost literacy. It’s aimed at kids and helps them (or anyone) to read and count using real wooden characters and numbers that interact with apps on an iPad. $59.

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