12 things Apple’s Tim Cook told us this week

Apple CEO Tim Cook shared an interesting and in-depth interview with Vice recently.

You can watch the whole thing here or below. Here also are the TL;DR highlights of what he had to say:

On privacy

  • Apple still sees data privacy as a human right
  • Cook says he has a long list of decisions the company has taken that favour privacy over convenience
  • “I see privacy as one of the most important issues of the 21stcentury. We’re at a stage when there’s more information about you on your phone than there is in your house.”
  • “I’m not a pro-regulation person, I believe in the free market. However, when the free market gets it wrong we need some regulation.”
  • “Technology itself doesn’t want to be good or bad, it’s up to the creator.”
  • We are not forming a detailed profile of our customers and then selling other companies the chance to target you.
  • Apple does not believe it needs all your user data in order to make better services. Cook said companies telling you this should not be believed. “Whoever is telling you that, it’s a bunch of blarney… We want the device to know, but we want to keep the data there.”
  • Apple encrypts data in China as securely as anywhere else, even though it stores data locally there in line with local law. “Encryption for us is the same everywhere in the world,” he said.

On denying a platform to hate speech

  • “We make our decisions independently.”
  • On the removal of a well-known reactionary from the App Store, Cook said “We don’t take a political stand,” he also pointed to the wide range of opinion available across its services.
  • Cook seemed to hint that Apple will curate questionable content or prejudiced gibberish. “We think that’s what customers want.”
  • “We have an app called Safari,” said. “Safari is the app for you if you want to look at anything that’s on the free and open Internet that’s not on our app store.”
  • “I’ve never felt that I had any power, that’s not how I look and think about the world

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