Would You Buy A New Mac Pro That Looked Like This?

I don’t usually pay much attention to Apple product concepts, but I like Pascal Eggert’s design for a much-improved Mac Pro. Eggert its an art director at German firm, Cygert, and it’s obvious he’d like Apple to introduce a new Mac.

His ideas match some of the things on most pro user’s wish lists:

  • Standard components that are easily swapped out,
  • 4TB of 3,500MBs data and 16TB of slower storage
  • 24GB RAM, dual GPU cards, 
  • 20 different interconnects, spanning USB, Ethernet, Thunderbolt and more.

And there’s a built-in handle.

I’ve borrowed a couple of images here, but do take a look at the complete set.

So — would you buy a Mac Pro like this? Let me know in comments below, and please tell us what you consider to be the most important improvements Apple could make in its pro desktop, if it were to release a new one ever again.


Jonny Evans

Watching Apple since 1999. I don't say what they should do. I say what they might do. They sometimes do.

5 Responses

  1. Nelson says:

    I don’t care what the Mac Pro looks like. I want modularity like the older Mac Pro box so that I can configure it the way I need it.

  2. Larry says:

    Nelson is right. The keys are modularity and flexibility.

  3. David Fancher says:

    I still want a mac pro where I can add up to 4 drives and optical media as well. i.e. dvd’s and CD’s.

  4. SleepD says:

    All of the above. I don’t want to have to buy a Thunderbolt junction box for $1700 just so I can add 4 PCIe cards. Need that space plus 4 drive bays, minimum.

  1. April 6, 2017

    […] I know a more modular system will be incredibly popular among pro users – just look at the results of this recent poll. […]

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