NASA says iPads can help keep astronauts healthy


NASA has sent even more iPads to the International Space Station for use by astronauts on their missions and is managing these incredibly remote mobile devices using Mobile Device Management solutions from JAMF Software.

Diet for health

This follows NASA’s introduction this week of the International Space Station Food Intake Tracker (ISS FIT) iPad app. The app tracks dietary intake and has been designed specifically for use by astronauts. It makes it far simpler for astronauts to track their dietary insights using an iPad – and the connected device also enables ground crew to monitor the health of those on ISS.

“Understanding the relationship of diet with crew health is critical for future exploration missions, where nutrition will be a key countermeasure in mitigating the negative effects of spaceflight on the body,” Scott M. Smith, a NASA nutritionist, said in a statement.

“We’ve recently documented that astronauts can protect their bones with good nutrition and exercise. This app puts the tools in their hands to track this information in real time,” Smith explained. (NASA sent an iPad into space yesterday).

Apple is in Space

Knowing it needed some way to remotely and securely manage iPads on the ISS, NASA needed to use an out of this world Mobile Device Management system.

It chose solutions from JAMF Software to do this, the same company that provides MDM support to IBM and many, many other customers. JAMF can now claim to have 100 percent of the market for managing iPads in outer space.

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