Apple Offers Free Beats in 2017 Back to School Promotion

In branding the modern world is all about capturing the narrative, and that’s what Apple’s attempting to do with its latest Back to School Promotion, beefing up its smaller brand of Beats headphones with a free giveaway when you buy a Mac or an iPad Pro, and offering up to $300 off the cost of a new Mac.

Siri to your ears

Apple clearly wants to make sure you see a lot of students waddling around talking to Siri using their headphones, as you can get a free pair of W1-powered Powerbeats 3 or Beats Solo3 headphones with your Mac. (or an iPad if you pay a little more).

And those Beats headphone models support AirPod-like features, which is fun.

Here’s what you get:

You get a free pair of Beats Solo3, BeatsX, or Powerbeats 3 headphones if you are a qualifying student, parent of a student or educator and you buy an eligible Mac at the Apple education store.

Qualifying Macs include MacBooks, MacBook Pros, MacBook Airs, iMacs, and Mac Pros. You can also get a free pair of BeatsX headpones when you buy an iPad Pro. Students can pay $50 extra for Beats Powerbeats3 or $150 extra for Solo3 wireless headphones.

Apple Music is also available to students at $4.99 a month.

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