UPDATED: Apple may plan a lower cost iPhone SE2 for India

I think Apple may be planning a new lower cost iPhone SE 2 for India (and other developing markets).

That’s not based on anything more than what the news today claims. You see, when I hear that Wistron is to open a new factory in India in which it plans to make iPhones for Apple, I don’t see the iPhone 8 — I see a brand new iPhone model aimed at developing markets.

Update: Since writing this fresh speculation has begun:

1. That Apple plans to introduce iPhone SE 2 with 128GB and some new colours, probably including red.
2. That Apple may announce its new devices April 4, 2017, along with new iPad models.
3. Apple recently began selling a new, 32GB version of iPhone 6 in India. This is a “time-limited” offer. (I can’t help but imagine iPhone 6 components in a new iPhone SE 2).

After all, we know Wistron manufactured the iPhone 5c and iPhone SE, so is that really such a far-fetched idea? What’s wrong with thinking about an India-made iPhone aimed at grabbing a bigger chunk of the smartphone market?

Particularly if the company can get the deals it wants in order to enable it to trim some dollars of the device’s cost.

Apple is thought to be planning three new iPhones this season, one being a high-end device. What if one is to be a relatively low-end iPhone, designed to be made available across developing markets?

It’s not like doing so makes no sense. I guess we may find out more this April, which is just over a year since iPhone SE. I wonder how this will play.

UPDATE: Since writing this, on March 21, Apple introduced a slightly improved iPhone SE2, which is being sold at a significantly lower cost in India

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