This smart iOS-happy mug may make you the envy of your office

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This is not Ember 

Short of a gift or just bored and searching for something to shop? Meet, Ember, the iOS/iPhone-compatible Smart Mug that syncs with Apple’s Health app.

Drink wisely, people

How much coffee are you drinking? How do you like to drink it?

Those are the two questions the people behind Ember (one of TIME Magazine’s ‘Inventions of the Year’) tries to answer as it tries to monitor your coffee intake and keep whatever hot drink you serve inside it at your perfect temperature.

You get to set that temperature from your iPhone. So, if you like your coffee really hot you can maintain that heat, while if you like it cool but not so cool, these mugs will do that for you too.

You can also change that temperature remotely from your iPhone once your drink is in your mug. Temperatures between 50°C – 62.5°C are supported.

Ember also integrates with your Health app and tries to estimate how much coffee you are drinking, useful if you happen to drink caffeine endlessly and want to know why you don’t sleep at night or worry about that heart condition.

The Ember Ceramic Mug carries multiple temperature sensors and a microprocessor-controlled dual-band heating system.

Fully-charged it will keep your drink at the right temperature for an hour, or for the whole day if used with the included charging coaster.

It automatically wakes up when liquid is added.

With Ember you can:

  • Remotely adjust to your ideal temperature – which you can also read on the side of the cup.
  • Choose and save pre-sets for different drinks – you might like tea a little colder and have a different temperature for hot chocolate — just set and use a preset.
  • Integration with the Health app means you’ll get a Notification if you drink too much of anything.

You’ll find these things in Apple retail stores.

Two versions are available, the Ember Ceramic Mug ($79, available in black and white) and the Ember Travel Mug ($149.95 list, $99 on Amazon).

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