Please Don’t Kill the iPad mini — Make it Pro Instead

Apple may soon “kill” the iPad mini, the headlines declared.

I’m sad about that.

The reports claim Apple’s smallest iPad is being abandoned in favour or larger iPhones. Apple hasn’t updated the product for some time. Which is a shame. Because it is still my favourite iPad form factor. While I use an iPad Pro, because I need its power, I had been hoping for a pro version of the mini. I’m not the only one who thinks so!

In my opinion, it would be the world’s best sketchbook, a brilliant device for working on the move, and (because it’s smaller and lighter) easier to use in small spaces and less likely to cause cramp when you hold it to use it in bed or wherever. (That last item is an issue for me, as I suffer from something called Repetitive Strain Injury).

One thing that doesn’t make sense is that only a couple of months ago there were rumors that Apple intended launching new iPad Pro models — including an iPad mini Pro. I rejoiced at those claims and I still think it makes sense of provide basic iPad, and Pro versions in mini, standard and large configurations.

That’s got to make more sense, unless Apple’s iPhone range is gonna get a whole lot bigger….

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Jonny Evans

Watching Apple since 1999. I don't say what they should do. I say what they might do. They sometimes do.

4 Responses

  1. Steve Jobs Sagan says:

    You are 100% right! For a fuller explanation, see

    Comfortable, easy to hold, great for ebooks reading, magically small while having nearly 2 1/2 the display area of the iPhone Pluses! It’s the best form factor for taking photos– and showing them! (The iPad Airs are too big.)

    Still, Apple needs to add a flash for the camera, beef up the internal RAM, improve the display, and enhance the camera, especially in low light.

    If they did that, we’d buy several!

    We had one, sold it for an upgrade, then were disappointed by the Mini 4 being an incremental upgrade– and not adding the flash.

    We still miss having one, so convenient, so intimate, so personal.

    Come on, Apple, listen to Jonny! Evans, not Ive, that is!

  2. James A. McGreevy says:

    I only have the use of one hand and the combination of an iPad Mini and a small ClamCase keyboard built for it is perfect for me. I can easily reach all of the keys, which isn’t the case with a full-sized keyboard. I imagine that using a keyboard with one hand could be useful to anyone who needs the other hand for drawing or whatever. I’ve got two iPad minis, a 1st generation and the latest 4th gen, both in keyboard cases. They are indispensable, I carry one with me everywhere — they work great with Scrivener. They are the best and most portable writing tools I’ve ever had. On Global Accessibility Awareness Day, today, Apple should think about at least one small subset of handicapped users.

  3. Shashank says:

    Yes i too agree with it –

    All apple need is to do that launch an improvised iPad mini with all latest tech like A10 chipset more ram and storage and at reasonable price and that’s it Apple will have a clear winner in terms of Apple iPad mini

  4. Ronald Quint says:

    Yes keep it. Alot of general aviation pilots use it on their yoke to reference maps while flying.

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