On the road in sensor city – Apple Car is coming, don’t hold your breath

Jonny Evans

Watching Apple since 1999. I don't say what they should do. I say what they might do. They sometimes do.

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  1. Gene Grush says:

    In my opinion, driverless technology will first show up in driverless Ubers. Look at Apple’s investment into China’s Didi. Also, what is the best place to operationally test the technology. China needs this technology more than we do and will work with Apple to test the technology in an operational setting. Just the avoidance of lawyers in China will accelerate the acceptance of this technology. A driverless Uber to replace taxis and mass transit will transform our big cities. The cost of mass transit/taxis will dramatically drop and technology may be very beneficial to road congestion and may lower the cost of road expansion. There is lots of money to be made here on the taxi and uber side. Consumers in big cities may downsize to one car if taxi costs drop dramatically. On the consumer side, I see this technology coming in as smarter and smarter cruise control that may start working in city traffic. I don’t see Apple selling cars directly to the public for many years, but will make/operate cars for headless Uber equivalents . I believe that Apple’s invest in Didi revealed their path to the market place.

    • Jonny Evans says:

      One of the bigger reasons:
      Once the reactionaries have been hounded out of position and the environment is returned to the top of the stack, is it really sustainable to attempt to build a car for everyone on the planet? Is it even possible?

      if it is not possible, then the future of car transport must inevitably be shared car transport.

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