macOS: Safari’s Secret Open Recently Closed Windows Talent

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If you’ve ever closed all the windows you had open in a Safari session you may have wondered how to most easily get them back.

This is how to most easily get them back:


Just press Command, Shift and T and you will reopen the last closed Window you had in Safari. This is very useful to know when you accidentally close a window when you needed it, or had to close it to do something else and want it back without manually working your way through your History — but it’s way more useful than just that.

Tap the same sequence and you will open the previously closed tab or Safari window. Keep tapping these keys and you can quickly and easily go back hours or days. It’s a super fast way to find a lost item — though it will only go back so far as you keep your Safari History and won’t work at all if you use Private browsing.

(You can control how long you want to keep items in your History in Safari>Preferences>General Set Remove history items to a period you are comfortable with.)

It isn’t the only talent Safari hides in its History features.

  • If you accidentally close a browser window, just type Command-Z immediately to undo the action.
  • Or you can take a look at the Recently Closed section in the History menu
  • Or if you want to get back to the tabs you were looking at before your Mac last shut down, in History menu choose Reopen All Windows from Last Session.
  • Then there’s this handy feature as described here.
  • And don’t forget to tap Option everywhere to see what it does!

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