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Annoyed by regularly received email from a mailing list that won’t let you unsubscribe? Riled that Junk mail filters still let those messages through? Don’t worry, you are not alone, but here is a simple set of Mail rules that will delete those messages as you receive them.

Make a Rule

You can create Mail rules on your Mac. To do so, open Mail>Preferences and tap the Rules tab. Now select Add Rule.

What we are doing

We are going to create a rule that automatically deletes any messages you receive from a specific domain. You need to be careful that the messages you want deleted aren’t likely to be ones you want to receive, but there’s a way around that (see below).

Create the rule

Take a look at the mailing list you don’t want to hear from and get its domain, probably www,

  • Open up Rules as above and tap Add Rule
  • Set From contains as your first criteria, and enter the name of the sender of the emails you don’t want to receive.
  • In the second criteria, choose Delete Message as the action you want performed.
  • Alternatively — if you still want to check your messages to make sure you want to get rid of then, choose the Move Message to mailbox Trash action. You can then review messages held in the Trash before you delete them.
  • If you have multiple lists you want to block, you can add them to the From criteria and they will be Deleted/thrown into Trash.

You can do so much with Mail filters — particularly if you set them up online at iCloud.

I hope this little tip helps.

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