How to send a heartbeat from your Apple Watch

Have you got a heart?

It’s easier to send a heartbeat on an Apple Watch than you ever thought.

Digital Touch is an Apple Watch feature that lets you send your heartbeat to other Apple Watch users. You can also send sketches, kisses, and taps. This is how to use the feature.

What you need

  • Two people wearing an Apple Watch who know each other (You can also use these instructions to send similar effects from an iPhone)
  • Both watches should be running the current watchOS.
  • This guide

How to send a heartbeat from Apple Watch

  • Open a message to the chosen recipient on your watch and then tap the Digital Touch icon, (it looks like two fingers touching a heart).
  • You’ll be in the drawing screen. To send your heartbeat just place two fingers on the screen until you see a heart appear on the device and feel the taptic beat.
  • Let go of the screen and a message containing the heartbeat will be sent, or tap Send if you are starting a new conversation.

You can also send a broken heart. To do so, follow the process described above and drag down with two fingers when you hear the beat.

What else can you send, and how?

  • Send a drawing: To send a drawing, tap the Heart icon and start making an image with your finger. To change color tap the blue dot at the top right of the display. The message will be sent when you stop drawing.
  • Send a tap: Tap the Heart icon and tap the screen one or more times. You can change color when you tap the blue dot. The message will be sent when you stop tapping.
  • Send a kiss: Just tap two fingers on the screen one or more times to send a kiss.
  • Send a flame:  Send a flame when you touch and hold one finger on the display until you see it appear. It will be sent when you lift your finger.

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