How to listen to radio on Apple’s HomePod

Jonny Evans

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  1. R. Hamilton says:

    The only problems I see: doesn’t have one of my favorite stations, and saving a favorite in it (and presumably then being able to have a shortcut for the favorite) requires premium. Granted that maintaining the station list (basically station search terms vs feed URLs) takes some effort, but yet another subscription is a bit much; I’d be happier paying a one-time amount for permanent full functionality, and let app growth and their bank account pay for maintenance.

  2. Maurice Needham says:

    It’s clear that you need the premium version to add favourites and get rid of the ads, but can anyone confirm if you need the premium version to make the Siri shortcuts. The “ad to Siri button” isn’t visible on the free version ?

  3. Marek says:

    Downside is that the app does not support in-app purchases with Family members. So if I am not home, no one else can play the radio. That’s stupid. Or am I missing something?

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