6 of the best back to school items for Apple people

We know Apple is probably about to introduce new iPhones, Macs and potentially Apple Watch 2 and iPads. We know this means there’s no point purchasing any of those things right now, but there’s still some kit that is going to make sense for student’s headed back to school.

Apple TV

There is a small possibility Apple may introduce a new Apple TV box, but I’m not holding out too much expectation as the company seems to have a long list of systems that may need updating. I think the accent on Apple TV this season will be all about software improvements – and that’s fine as this is an excellent product. If you’re about to leave home for college you’re going to want one of these. (And you can find out everything you need to get the best out of it at my Apple TV website.) From $149 at Amazon.

SanDiskWirelessSanDisk Connect Wireless Stick

There is a lot to be said for this small gadget. Not only is it capable of streaming video to three devices at once using its built-in Wi-Fi, but it will be a brilliant resource for anyone who wants to backup photos and other digital stuff without eating up space in iCloud. It’s affordably priced, from $23 for 32GB up to $94 for 200GB. (Amazon Link).

TyltBackpackTylt Energi Backpack

You need a backpack, but you also need power, right? Sure you do, so if you’re about to get yourself a backpack for college why not get one that includes a built-in battery capable of charging up to four batteries at once. You’ll find plenty of pockets and a cable pass-through system designed to stop things getting tangled up. There’s also dedicated laptop, tablet, glasses and water bottle compartments in the 1,450 cubic inches of space. $135 from Amazon.

WD DriveA back up drive

Just get a drive. They’re all pretty much the same. This year I’ve been using a WD My Passport Ultra portable hard drive. Why? Because it is small, light, quiet and available with up to 4TB capacity for just $149 from Amazon. Different colors and capacities are also available.

Native Union KEY cable

This handy keyring has a useful talent – it’s also a USB charging cable that’s available with your choice of a Lightning or micro-USB connector. You’ll never need to remember anything but your keys and will be able to connect your iPhone, iPad, or any other Lightning-powered device into power any time you need to do so. And it will only set you back $29. (Some people may want to take a quick look at the LifeLink USB charger).

UltimateEarsUltimate Ears Roll 2

Available in a range of colors this highly portable Bluetooth speaker system lacks a little bass in comparison to larger and more expensive systems, but this is mitigated by the clear detail and quality of the sound it does make. This isn’t going to give you enough “oomph” for a dorm room party, but if you want to sit back and listen to your music while you work this highly portable (13.5cms-x-4cms, 330g) system is dead easy to carry around. Around $99.

Disclosure: Yes I’ve put Amazon affiliates links through this report – but I have also used all the products on this page (with the exception of the LifeLink charger) and I’ve been happy with them.

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