6 Cool New iOS 11 Control Center Talents

Image c/o Mr Seb and Flickr

You just know tens of thousands of people are already using iOS 11 on their iPhones, so here are five new and cool things you can do using iOS 11’s Control Center that you couldn’t do before.

Torch App

Force Touch the Torch widget to switch it on, and slide your finger to raise torch brightness through up to four levels of intensity.

Night Shift

Hard press the Brightness widget to open it up – right there at the bottom you’ll see a button that lets you enter and level Night Shift mode.


The little time widget opens a small timing slider. This offers a range of logical time delays, from one minute to two hours. It’s neat, but you can still get Siri to set a timer faster for you.

Screen Recording

Tap and hold this to Start a Broadcast. I’m still interested to see how this will be used. I guess gamers will like it best, but I’m wondering how it will be applied to AR?


Click and hold the Notes widget and you’ll be able to file a new note, checklist, sketch, or photo with the app opening in the relevant tool kit.

Apple TV

Placing the Apple TV Remote functions on the Control Center makes lots of sense.

What’s missing?

I do wonder why there isn’t an edit Control Center widgets widget, to take you quickly to the Settings in which you can define your available selection. No matter, here’s what you need to know to achieve this task.

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