Tip: Control What Dropbox Knows About you


If you sync your Dropbox account with your Mac then you may be surprised just how much information about you the file storage service hangs onto – here’s how to find out what it knows, and how to cut out the stuff it doesn’t need to know any more.

My Devices

Dropbox keeps a record of all the devices you have logged into your Dropbox account with that it thinks belong to you, including old and borrowed ones.

To find out which computers and devices it links to your account follow these steps:

  • Log into your Dropbox account using a web browser and tap the icon just beside the bell and search bar. Click on Settings.
  • Now click on Security and scroll down the page. You’ll be surprised what you find:
  • All the browsers currently logged into your Dropbox account
  • All the devices logged into that account (Macs, iPhones, iPads, anything else)
  • All the Apps linked with your account (including the ones you forgot about).

You may be surprised to see that every device you’ve used is still listed there, and you’ll probably want to Unlink them from your list. To do so, just tap the X beside their name at the right.

NB: When you unlink these older devices don’t be too surprised if you see some slight performance improvements when using the service on a synced Mac. Take a look at this report for some other ways to boost Dropbox performance on a Mac.

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