Looks like Microsoft just made iPhone’s essential for Windows 10 users


The world is changing. The signs are everywhere. Not all the portents are good, but one that is good is Microsoft’s growing readiness to play well with Apple. The two old frenemies are finding much common ground as Redmond seeks life in the cloud and Apple stakes its claim in the enterprise.

The latest big Microsoft move is to tacitly allow iPhone users to use Touch ID biometric authorization to launch their Windows PC. This is because the device will be recognized by Microsoft’s Windows Hello project, which lets you biometrically launch your computer using a compatible device.

The snag is that many PC’s running Windows 10 don’t have biometric authorization tools, so Microsoft is trying to grow a third party accessories market of secure peripherals to enable this. That’s where the iPhone comes into its own, as it is already secure, carries TouchID and so Microsoft has agreed to support it, making iPhone a Windows 10 essential as it does.

“There are other solutions coming for iPhone, too,” Anoosh Saboori, senior program manager lead for OS security at Microsoft, said during a presentation at Ignite. (I’m willing to bet a few dollars we’ll even see Windows users launching their PCs with an Apple Watch one day, why not?).

Source: Computerworld

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