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Yes, you can play Spotify on HomePod

Dear all the critics who moan that you can’t play Spotify through HomePod. You can. Here’s how to do it Launch Spotify on the iOS device you already needed to own to set HomePod up.. Then…. Hit play...

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How to set up your new Apple HomePod

If you’ve set up a new Apple Watch, AirPods or even a recent iPhone, you’ll already know that one of the next challenges-we-didn’t-know-we-had-but-seem-obvious-now Cupertino is trying to solve is that of developing friction-free ways to set new iDevices...

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How to take a screenshot on iPhone X

Apple’s all-new, record-setting iPhone X introduces a whole bunch of new gesture controls, which I explained here and here. However, one query that keeps cropping up is how to take a screenshot on iPhone X. The good news...