Today in ARKit: AR is on the Menu

Next generation menus

Image c/o Richie Rich and Flickr.

I remain “high on AR”, and I am watching developers introducing concepts that seem to cater to a fast-expanding range of usage cases.

The only limitation is imagination

Today’s interesting AR app is an interactive food menu.

Think about restaurant ordering: you read the menu, but what does the meal look like? Just what is that amazing looking plate just delivered to the table over there? This idea lets you take a look.

You can also see this becoming a nice way to show people what to expect when they order food online.

Here are a couple of videos that give you a sense of the project:


The company behind this is called “We are working on 3D technologies related to food items,” they told me.

Set up seems pretty easy, retailers buy a photoshoot set and take 360 pictures of their food which then gets placed in the system.

I can imagine this having implications beyond menus. Cookery guides, recipe instruction, food history, travel guides….

How would you use this?

I think we are only scratching the surface here. Imagine AR when used with next generation mixed media professional quality 3D printing systems. Will you look at clothes and try them on before printing them?


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