Smartphones: Android dominates, Apple wins

Jonny Evans

Watching Apple since 1999. I don't say what they should do. I say what they might do. They sometimes do.

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  1. rocwurst says:

    Jonny, you might like to also point out that global market share stats are actually very misleading.

    Apple is strong not only in the USA (the second largest smartphone market in the world) with 31% to 43% market share, but Apple also captures between 17-27% smartphone market share in China – the largest smartphone market in the developed or the developing world according to Kantar. (variations due to seasonal fluctuations)

    In addition Apple also captures 32-45% market share in Australia, 37-39% in the UK, 14-24% in Germany and a massive 38-54% in Japan to name some of Apple’s other major markets around the world.

    However, quarterly smartphone marketshare is not actually the most important metric to consider – active installed base is. Apple recently reported there are over 1 Billion active Apple devices worldwide (of which around 900m were iOS devices back in January). Since that time Apple has sold another 167m iOS devices.

    In contrast, Google reports they only have 1.4 Billion active Android devices (smartphones AND tablets) and AOSP forked Android only accounts for another 20-30% of Android devices according to ABI Research.

    That means Apple’s iOS platform is 64% the size of Google Android and close to 50% the size of Google + AOSP. Slightly changes the picture no?

    Add to all that the fact that iOS users are worth far more than Android users with the iOS platform generating 90% more revenue for 3rd party developers, 1,790% greater Advertising ROI, 400% greater e-commerce revenue, 64-72% Business market share.

    As a result, worldwide smartphone market share stats end up being pretty meaningless in any real terms.

  2. Costa K says:

    That’s Sony fun fact is astonishing. They made half the profit whilst only selling 1/20th the number of units. Bizarre.

    But Apple is doomed!

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