Mac Users: Do You Use This Mission Control Setting?

I use Mission Control. I use it a lot.

This is because I’ve usually got a whole heap of applications, windows, and documents open on my Mac, not to mention IM software, VoIP apps, Messages, Mail — it all adds up.

Get Around

That can be a problem when I’m using my MacBook Pro with Touch Bar (best Mac notebook I’ve used and I think Laptop Mag’s on Prozac)  as I don’t have a great deal of window space. That’s why I also make a lot of use of Spaces, creating new ones for projects, communications, or whatever I need at the time. That’s also why I learned about this Mission Control Setting, which I thought I’d share with you today:

If you have lots of documents open and you use Mission Control you can end up seeing them distributed all across the screen, which can be confusing if you have lots of things to review.

It makes it much easier if you group all those previews together by application, as then you only need to focus on the part of the screen where the app lives to find your document.


  • Open System Preferences>Mission Control
  • Check ‘Group windows by application’

Next time you use Mission Control you’ll still be able to see everything you have open in your current Space, but you’ll also find all your windows are grouped together by app, making specific items that little bit easier to find.

This simple tip really helps me stay focused when I’m working. I hope it helps you too.

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