iPad Pro will be the only Mac you ever need

Jonny Evans

Watching Apple since 1999. I don't say what they should do. I say what they might do. They sometimes do.

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  1. James says:

    Where this devices fall short is not necessarily in the hardware. Mobile OSes are very limited. Storage is very limited. Cloud storage is only really viable though wifi as most data plans are expensive and small compared to the data needs of your average user. No external input/output. No usb or other ways of adding things like external hardware storage, printers etc. these devices have a long way to go before they could possibly be “the only Mac you will ever need”

    • Jonny Evans says:

      Storage is unlimited. Bandwidth is limited. That’s changing though — 5G, embedded SIMs and more. One day you’ll get a Data only family plan for connected devices — we will have to as those IoT devices will all demand bandwidth — which means the way people charge for access will also change.

      As per the I/O problems you mention — I already have a printer connected to my iPad using an app; I already have an external storage device connected using an app, and we know that Lightning to USB devices are coming to market. I do appreciate these technical hurdles you mention — but they are only challenges — they can be solved. And they will be, particularly as the list of things that these devices are capable of doing grows. It’s just an inevitable thing.

      I’m not saying you won’t need a Mac for some things of course, I’ve never claimed that — but the tasks that can only be transacted using a Mac will continue to shrink, bar at the top end where they may grow … but, for example, I can easily imagine iPads calling on the services of cloud-hosted virtual Macs for some tasks, using versions of things like Parallels.

      I truly believe that the future of computing is visible in computers you cannot see.

  2. KiraK says:

    No, I need the biggest, baddest Mac that Apple will build. And one that is expandable. Otherwise, there will be no more Macs in my home. Only PCs that run macOS. I would much rather buy Apple though.

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