How can I help with Apple, Photos, iCloud and photography?

Jonny Evans

Watching Apple since 1999. I don't say what they should do. I say what they might do. They sometimes do.

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  1. Peter Charette says:


    First off, when I attempt to eMail you I can’t be sure if I’ve found your eMail address. When clicking on the options, eMail is one of them and what I use to communicate. But your eMail address is not included in the new eMail window. When I click on Mail or Gmail, I get a link in the text box of the eMail, but no Jonny Evans eMail address to send it to.

    I’ll try leaving this communication in your comments section.

    I’ve been using iPhoto since the beginning. I have often found it completely confounding and confusing when Apple changes iPhoto or Photos – for the sake of change. A new version, new button layout, new features or the elimination of features.

    The biggest grip of mine is the cropping tool in Photos. There was a version of iPhoto that allowed me to just click and select a rectangle of any size of my choosing. Once created, I could move the entire rectangle around to make it perfect. The select done and voila! Done! Now this was in iPhoto probably five or six years ago. Cropping has been fiddled with many times since then, but NEVER as good as that version way back.

    But in PHOTOS – it is so frustrating. When I choose to crop, not only can I NOT create a rectangular selection of my choosing, no it is even worse. I start by reducing unwanted portions – say I lower the top portion of the photo. When I release the mouse where I want the top of the photo to be, I then move to say the right side of the photo. And just as I’m ready to grab that cropping bar, the entire photo gets resized – automatically by Photos. So just as I am locating that cropping bar with my mouse, the whole picture changes and my mouse has to move again to the newest location where I want to continue cropping. It is so frustrating. WHO THINKS THIS STUFF UP???

    But what are my choices? Learn some new software package?

    And I’d be happy to scream some more about Photos if it would help.

    Frustrated with change, for the sake of change, And stupid stuff,


    [email protected]

  2. Rick Farris says:

    The most confusing thing for me is the Photos, Shared, Albums and Projects, and the associated controls. They don’t seem to make any kind of cohesive architecture…

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