6 Mac Save secrets you probably didn’t know

Tips for Save box

Director Aaron Kaufman advises Balest during La Buena Muerte’s edit. I wonder if he knew about these tips?

You are a Mac user and you save files every day, right? Did you know about these handy keyboard commands that you can use within the Save dialog box? They can be super-useful, particularly if you are trying to avoid using a mouse. That’s because they let you get things done much faster on your Mac.

How these work

These are keyboard commands you use once you are in the Save dialog for a document, image or other item. Tap Command-S to get to that dialog, (or Shift-Command-S to get to the Save As.. command if working with a document that’s already saved and you can then use these useful little keyboard commands:

#1: Command-R

This is a useful command. Tap it and a Finder window will open in which you will be shown where your file is situated (if it is already saved), or where it will be placed when you do save the item.

#2: Command-F

This is the fastest way to find the destination folder in which you want to save your stuff: Just tap Command-F to open a Serch dialog, start typing the folder name you want to use and watch the action in the columns as the folder you want to use becomes easy to find. Tap to select and save. Simple.

#3: Command-Shift-N

Saving a document but you want to create a new folder to put it in? Just tap Command-Shift-N to create a new folder in whatever folder you happen to be currently saving into.

#4: Just tap /

Another way to get to the folder you want to save your data to is simply to tap / to open the Go to Folder dialog within your Save box. You’ll need to type the name of the folder there

#5: The fastest way to save to Desktop

Type Command-S to open Save, then type Command-D or Command-Shift-D and you will automatically select the Desktop folder as a destination. (You can also use Command-Shift-O which will open up the Documents folder so you can store you stuff there.)

#6: Life after sidebar: Command-Option-S

You may even find you don’t need to keep the Sidebar open in the Save dialog, or perhaps need it less – to hide it just tap Command-Shift-D.

I hope you enjoyed these little Save dialog tips. Here are 24 more tips for Mac users and a nice dozen or so to help you fly through your Safari browser.

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