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How to Subscribe to RSS Feeds in Safari (Updated)

Many Websites offer up their content in an RSS feed (Really Simply Syndication). These feeds send headline summaries of new content directly to your RSS reader, including Safari’s built in reader.  The reader is available within the browser’s...


How To Fix Apple Mail When It Slows Your Mac

Has your Mail slowed to a crawl? Has it become so greedy for memory your system sometimes hangs while it tries to send or receive an email? I get this problem from time-to-time so thought I’d jot down...


Would You Buy A New Mac Pro That Looked Like This?

I don’t usually pay much attention to Apple product concepts, but I like Pascal Eggert’s design for a much-improved Mac Pro. Eggert its an art director at German firm, Cygert, and it’s obvious he’d like Apple to introduce a...