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Get more from your Apple products using these great tips.


How Can My iPad Read To Me?

Here is how to get your iPad or iPhone to read an iBook to you. It’s not a new ‘thing”, but it might be useful if you happen to be: Partially sighted A parent trying to entertain children...


10+ Safari Keyboard Shortcuts You’ll Use

Have you ever taken a moment to explore the keyboard shortcut inside Apple’s Safari browser? Perhaps you should take the chance to take a look at some I use almost every day: Take Control of Tabs I use tabbed...


How To Use iPhone Low Power Mode Whenever You Like

Apple’s iPhone has become the most used electronic gadget for almost everything. The only down side of this is that the more you do with your iPhone the more it impacts battery life. That’s fine when you are...


Video On iOS: Are You Scrubbing It Right?

A quiet weekend for Apple-related topics, but I was pleased to come across this obvious but neglected tip c/o Apple’s own tips site: Most of us want to scrub through video on our iPhones or iPads sometimes. When we...


How to Work With Text Using 3D Touch on iOS

I really like 3D Touch because it makes it even easier to achieve more complex tasks with a single touch. It is also useful when you are writing text using a 3D Touch compatible iPhone or iPad, because...