Your iPad is Your Art Teacher with ShadowDraw

I’m quite taken with the concept of ShadowDraw. If it delivers on what it promises then it has the potential to enable millions of people to learn to draw. It could be a really exciting thing to use.

How it works

Using the app, while you draw in the background of the iPad page you are drawing on you’ll see shadowy images showing you roughly where you should place your pencil in order to draw images the app thinks you want to create.

To release it the developers will launch a campaign on Indiegogo July 11th, just one week before Comic-Con. The iPad Pro app is currently in Beta and will be available on the App Store with the release of iOS 11 this fall.

To make the app, the developers have worked with illustrators from Disney, Marvel and DC Comics.

What the developers say

“Learning to draw couldn’t be easier — ShadowDraw’s innovative and proprietary software reveals exactly how the professionals draw step-by-step, letting each line come to life right before your eyes and inviting you to follow along with your Apple Pencil.”

The developers claim, the app’s early/beta users have described ShadowDraw as “addictive, relaxing and hypnotizing,” and a “big-time education in drawing.”


Jonny Evans

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