Watch: Apple’s latest iOS Accessibility guides here

Apple has published four videos that help explain some of its industry-leading accessibility features, including Assistive Touch, VoiceOver, Magnifier and Invert Colors.

You and your UI

Apple puts huge effort into ensuring its products are accessible to everyone. To achieve this it develops accessibility features that really do transform lives. Its commitment has also won it praise and rewards from organizations such as the American Council of the Blind, the Cerebral Palsy Foundation, and the National Association of the Deaf.

The company executive in charge of accessibility across its solutions is Sarah Herrlinger. Apple’s senior director of global accessibility policy & initiatives is passionate about her topic and how small UI tweaks can generate life-changing impacts. Features such as Switch Control make a huge difference in many lives.

Apple’s new videos

Its in this context you should watch Apple’s latest accessibility videos.

How to use Assistive Touch

Assistive Touch gives you a virtual user interface on-screen and is really useful if your Home button breaks, you lose physical dexterity or strength.

How to use Magnifier on your iPhone

Magnifier is the go-to accessibility tool for reading small font labels when you are in the shops.

How to use VoiceOver

VoiceOver is another revolutionary accessibility technology. It’s a screen reader for your display that will tell you what you are doing at any time.

How to invert colors on your iPhone

The Invert Colors accessibility tool is very useful for users with some form of visual disability as it makes it easier to identify some UI elements.

Apple’s decision to publish these new guides possibly reflects preparations the company is making for Global Accessibility Awareness Day, which takes place May 16.

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