Video: Apple’s big news in 108-seconds

Looks like Apple really gets this viral marketing shizzle…

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Apple today introduced three new model iPhones, a heavily improved Apple Watch Series 4, and introduced a range of powerful and impressive HomePod improvements.

Dr Chrono says:

“Apple’s new product line up was just launched and the new optical heart sensor features for the Apple Watch Series 4 will change the way consumers can monitor their health.

“The three new heart sensor features revealed for Apple Watch 4 include: low heart rate detection, heart rhythm classification (for example can detect Atrial Fibrillation- AFib) and for the first time ever built-in technology to take an Electrocardiogram (ECG or EKG), using the new ECG app.

All Apple’s Apple Watch Series 4 images

“These are game changing features for the healthcare industry because consumers can track and save this new personal heart rate data in the Health app and share directly with their medical professional.”

Apple Watch Series 4 is a highly significant announcement.


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