These may be my favorite Mac notebook bags

I’ve recently found my current favorite Mac laptop bags, the Bobby family manufactured by XD Design.

These may be my favorite Mac laptop bags

Why do I like them so much? Mainly because the designers have really thought about what really happens when you wear these things.

Let me explain:

Many laptop bag makers seem to think that you dance around between appointments in some future perfect world in which your devices never run out of power and thieves never sneak into the side pockets of you bag to steal your stuff.

That’s not how things are in the real world.

XDesign thinks differently:

Not only do these bags all pack a built-in USB port that you can connect a power brick into in order to recharge your iPad, Mac or iPhone, but they are also highly secure against pickpockets.

That’s because all the pockets are hidden, and because the cover of these bags can only be unzipped when you take the bag from your back – it is hidden just behind the shoulder pads. And the bags are made of cut-proof material.

There are small hidden compartments in the inner side of the pack that wrap around you in transit. It’s so secure.

Inside the water resistant bag you’ll find lots of internal sleeves, and hidden and less hidden zipped pockets to help you stay organized.

There’s a dinky little microphone outlet (for those who do..) and the cleverly designed sacks open in three different ways – like a backpack or a suitcase, for example.

** There are several different models of this bag, so actual specifications may differ.


Do I have any criticisms? I do, I’m afraid – it is that the bags still look too good.

I’m looking for a laptop bag that’s as intelligently thought-through as Bobby for protection against real-world risks, but one that looks, you know, a little down at heel (and probably contains a tracking device).

Sad to say, I’m one of those security-aware people who has been known to walk around town with an iPad and a MacBook Pro inside a plastic supermarket shopping bag so as not to attract unwanted attention.

(With that in mind I like the Urban and Compact Print iterations most, as these seem likely to “blend in” to urban environments best).

All the same, smart thinking, nice design and an intelligent awareness of life in the real world mean these are currently my favorite Apple notebook and iPad bags. The manufacturer’s have really thought through on the risks.

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  1. Roger Owens says:

    Love my Tom Bihn Messenger bag. Beautifully made and functional.

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