Rumor: Apple to add iPad as second Mac screen

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Apple is likely to introduce iOS and Mac improvements at WWDC in June and the event seems set to see a whole collection of enhancements designed to make iPads and Macs an even more effective productivity team, including a new feature that makes an iPad an external monitor.

Apple to add iPad as second Mac screen

The 9to5Mac story is that Apple will make it possible to beam a second screen from your Mac to a connected iPad. This is going to be rather useful if you use Spaces, for example.

There are already some iOS apps that try to do this, including Luna Display and others, but Apple’s plan takes this a little further – not only will you be able to send the window of any app across to an iPad, but also to any other supported display the Mac can find on its network.

The feature will be controlled through the ‘traffic lights’ at the top left of an application window by hovering over the green button. Doing so will involve a display menu in which you’ll be able to choose modes such as tile, fullscreen, or sending the window to other displays.

The report even claims you’ll also be able to draw on those windows when they are on your iPad and you are using an Apple Pencil.

With Marzipan enabling iOS apps to work on Macs, and Macs finding new and interesting ways to embrace Apple’s Mac platforms, things look pretty interesting for WWDC this year.

It really shows what you can do with an integrated and non-fragmented platform.

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