Is This the World’s Best Calculator for iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch?

Hats off to developer, Pietro Messineo, who has at last built a calculator app you can use on an Apple Watch without squinting!

Meet EasyCalc

There are many calculator apps for iOS – and Messineo’s EasyCalc works on iPhones and iPads – but most existing apps use buttons that are way too small to use on Apple Watch. Not EasyCalc.

The Italian developer couldn’t resist the chance to build an Apple Watch calculator you can actually use. “I developed this app mainly because there are no good alternatives on the store to do easy calculations through Apple Watch,” he told me. “All the available alternatives have super small buttons”.

Apple Watch Features Include:

I’ve kicked a few calculators around in my time and when it comes to the Watch I have to agree. As a man who needs to wear spectacles I hesitate to recommend many calculators for the device, as I just can’t use them on my watch. EasyCalc (99cents) has changed that.

Some features:

  • Complications automatically fit with the color of your WatchFace.
  • Smart calculations
  • Haptic Feedback
  • Bigger buttons in full screen.

One way in which the developer has made it possible to enjoy larger buttons on the calculator is to have used the Digital Crown – basically you just need to turn this to get to the calculation tools (plus, minus, divide, etc). This sensible use of screen real estate makes it a lot more usable. If you want a usable Apple Watch calculator, take a look at EasyCalc.

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