Here’s the easy way to get a touchscreen iMac


It takes just ten seconds to turn your Mac into a touchscreen Mac, at least that’s the promise being made by MaskTouch, a Chinese brand from TMDTouch (it’s the third generation of a product this company has been making for some time, as previously reviewed by Cult of Mac).

The details:

  • Has 10 touch-points, (vs. previous models’ 2 touch-points) and a 8 millisecond reaction time that makes it run smoother and dramatically improves gaming, making music, working etc.
  • No additional software required
  • Thin and discreet and works with Mac and Windows.

It doesn’t replace you mouse and keyboard and isn’t going to be for everyone, even at c.$199. However, if you happen to be int he business of exhibitions, retail display units, POS systems &c., then this may just be worth a look.

You just need to slot it onto the front of your iMac, plug it into one of the USB ports and you’re all set. More info here.



Jonny Evans

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