Happy birthday! Jamf brings Azure authentication to the Mac

As the Mac platform turns 35-years old, Apple in the enterprise vendor Jamf has introduced Jamf Connect Integrations, an integration between Jamf and Microsoft Azure Active Directory that means Mac users can easily work with cloud-based ID providers in the enterprise space.

A peer player

This integration allows for simple provisioning of users from Azure during an Apple provisioning workflow.

It is the most streamlined way to manage accounts and authentication in organizations that leverage Azure Active Directory for Macs. .

This answers an emerging problem.

As businesses move from on-premise to cloud data hosting and use increasingly mobile devices they seek a way to easily manage and secure devices without having to be connected to a VPN.

Features include:

  • Authentication plugin: Users can log into their Mac with Azure Active Directory credentials.
  • Account creation: IT admins can create local accounts based on Azure Active Directory identities and keep passwords in sync with those in the directory service.
  • Multifactor: IT admins can use supported Azure Active Directory multifactor authentication methods at the macOS login window.

Jamf Connect integrates with other mobile device management (MDM) providers, not just Jamf Pro.

“IT admins need a way to more easily manage their devices and keep them secure, without having to worry about connectivity to a corporate network,” said Dean Hager, CEO, Jamf.

“Jamf Connect delivers on this critical need by giving admins the flexibility to leverage local users controlled by the same policies that admins depend on from a directory service or identity provider. Jamf will continue to invest in integrations with top cloud identity providers such as Azure Active Directory to give admins simple authentication and account management capabilities while providing the best end-user experience.”

Jamf initially stepped into the identity authentication space with the acquisition of Orchard & Grove, the makers of NoMAD, which was rebranded Jamf Connect. (The open-source NoMAD solution remains free).

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