Apple is the World’s Most Technologically Advanced Company, Analysts Claim

Apple Park 25 September 2015
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Technology pros see Apple as the world’s “most technologically advanced” company, Decision Analyst research claims. These insights emerge as key Apple execs evangelize the company’s AI credentials.

Technologically advanced

Decision Analyst spoke to just a thousand tech pros to arrive at its conclusions. Survey participants were shown a list of 68 leading technology companies and asked to choose the five “most technologically advanced” companies.

Apple was chosen by 46.9 percent, of technology professionals surveyed, more than any other company. Microsoft (40.4 percent), Samsung (36.9 percent), Google (34.3 percent) followed.

Consistency counts

Urging others to study and emulate Apple’s way of doing business, Jerry W. Thomas, president and chief executive of Decision Analyst said:

“Apple is a great example of the power of consistent positioning and consistent execution of a strategy based on technically superior products, innovative design, high-quality manufacturing, premium pricing, and consistent advertising of its strategic positioning story.”

Think long

He sees Apple’s success as clear evidence that long-term thinking, planning and strategy tied with consistent execution and consistent marketing gets results.

“Through ups and downs, Apple has never blinked or taken its eye off of the long-term goal,” he said. “This stands in stark contrast to the short-term focus and short-term thinking that characterizes most large U.S. corporations.”

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