WWDC 2016: Everything you need to know

The hubbub before Apple's announcement took place was vibrant.

The hubbub before Apple’s announcement took place was vibrant.

I flew out to San Francisco to attend WWDC 2016 last month, and since then I’ve written a plethora of articles that should provide you with just about all the information you need to understand what Apple announced at its developer’s event. The problem with the news cycle is that most articles only last a little while before disappearing into the Internet’s depths, so I thought I’d put what I’ve written together in one place so you can navigate through everything I wrote, so here goes:

First look: A week with macOS Sierra

I have been using the new macOS as my main system for weeks now and my opinion hasn’t changed — here’s one of the earliest previews of the new system published anywhere.

The story behind Apple’s wheelchair Activity app

I spoke with Apple’s Ron Huang, Director of Software Engineering for Location and Motion Technologies and Dawna Callahan, Challenged Athletes Foundation Director of Programs. They told me some of the details behind development of Apple’s fantastic wheelchair activity solution.

WWDC: Why you’ll use Apple’s Breathe app

What’s interesting about Apple’s Breathe app.

What Apple users need to know about differential privacy

Apple’s very serious about privacy. It is also serious about artificial intelligence, and differential privacy is an essential component to what the company plans ahead. Every Apple user needs to understand the implications of this tech.

The essential guide to using Siri on a Sierra Mac

The title’s self-explanatory — if you’re a Mac user you need to understand what you’ll be able to do with Siri.

WWDC: Let’s explore what’s inside Apple’s new Photos app

Apple has packed a huge number of enhancements inside Photos and you’ll need to know your way around each one of them, so that’s why this article exists.

WWDC: Apple watchOS 3: What you need to know

Everything you’ll need to know about the new Apple Watch software.

WWDC: 12 iOS 10 features you probably didn’t know about

Did you know all these features? Do you know them now? Check to find out. (Also read this great selection of tips).

11 iOS 10 tips you’ll use

Get a head start on the new OS by getting to know these tips.

WWDC: Everything you need to know about the new iMessages

These improvements really up the ante on the company’s messaging software.

WWDC: Apple TV Gets Even Better

There’s so much to look forward to for Apple TV users — lots of great improvements are coming.

How to Use Apple TV Remote App in tvOS 10

The massively improved Remote app in iOS 10 will deliver a lot for Apple TV users.

WWDC 2016: Apple’s 8 key enterprise stories

Apple is becoming increasingly focused on the enterprise, and that’s going to yield big returns.

WWDC 2016: Live blog

I sat around nine rows back to listen in on Apple’s big reveals. Here’s everything the company announced as it happened.

I do hope you enjoy working through all my coverage around the event.


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