Video: Steve Jobs had ‘the light of god’, ex-Apple retail chief

Things take a seasonally religious twist with news of a Dove Channel show in which Apple’s ex-store boss, Ron Johnson, opens up about Steve Jobs, Apple and more.

Steve had passion

Speaking on Frankly Faraci, Johnson had some interesting insights into Apple’s founder, Steve Jobs.

“Steve was a very private person,” Johnson says, “but boy the light of God burned inside of him big time. He had a passion for customers, for products, for life, for his family, for the ones he was closest to, that I think is pretty unmatched.”

Johnson also talked about the creation of Apple Retail, saying:

“There’s two things people want in stores. At times you want convenience, and at times you want an experience. Stores have to deliver one or the other, and I’ve always been one who votes for experience, and that goes back to my faith because I really believe the art of life is a human connection.”

The former retail chief claims his religious beliefs helped his vision of the stores, to “honour your neighbours” through work. That’s what the Apple Store is all about, and that’s why it’s so magical.”

Here are a couple more clips from the show.


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