The Future of Apple Retail In Pictures

The Apple Retail Store in Brussels (pictured) was clearly a testing ground for these new ideas.

The Apple Retail Store in Brussels (pictured) was clearly a testing ground for these new ideas.

News: Apple has just unwrapped its all-new Union Square Apple Retail Store in San Francisco. The store offers, “many new features and services rolling out to Apple retail stores worldwide,” the corporation points out in its PR.

The way the release reads it appears some of Apple’s top brass have been working hard at putting together the next ten years of Apple retail, with Angela Ahrendts and Sir Jonathan Ive both involved.  “It all starts with the storefront — taking transparency to a whole new level — where the building blends the inside and the outside, breaking down barriers and making it more egalitarian and accessible,” says Ive. You can read more here.

Inspired by everyone else who is doing it, I explored Twitter to find a few images that show what the future of Apple retail looks like. Take a look and read the Apple Press Release here.

NB: Coming up in the next few weeks the usual motley crew of analysts and mavericks with their usual witless critical account of Apple’s new stores [file most of that under ‘Ignore’]. Me? I do like buildings with trees, and I’m a fan of renewable energy. Also coming soon, “30-years of Apple’s boiler plate statement”. These days they want to leave the world a better place.

Here’s some pictures of the new stores. Thanks to everyone.

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